Putting a stop to CPSC Misinformation. Magnet related or not.
Collected Public Letters

Over 300 letters have been mailed from members of the public, and all received copies are mirrored here. If you would like to send a letter and have it published on savemagnets.com, please email it to us. Target of letter is noted with an ‘X’. Google account login may be required for some files.

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Currently, the most active advocate for banning magnet sphere sets for adults is Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.

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9/10 Americans Say No

The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s controversial campaign to ban magnet spheres keeps losing ground as Public Policy Polling recently released results showing an overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with the ban. This is another point against the CPSC in its pursuit of magnet sphere prohibition, from companies like Magnicube, Buckyballs and Denver-based Zen Magnets LLC since August 2012.

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