New Voluntary Standard for Retail Sales

DENVER, COLORADO, June 26, 2014. In the midst of a regulatory battle with the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), Zen Magnets has begun expanding to retail stores with physical locations, and has announced a new Voluntary Standard for retail sales of artistic and educational magnet spheres.

The CPSC staff “preliminary determined” that all aggregate sets of high powered magnets were too dangerous for the American public, so the federal agency is reaching for an all-ages nationwide ban of magnets like Buckyballs, Zen Magnets and Neoballs. The CPSC’s unprecedented (1) argument is that warnings are not effective, therefore the only solution is that the option to purchase magnets be non-consensually removed for American consumers.

After 5 years of direct sales on, the Zen Magnets company is now the largest magnet sphere company in the US, in what was once a 20 million dollar a year industry. The previous industry leader, Buckyballs, recently settled for $375,000 and is engaged in a recall program negotiated with the CPSC.

Along with current warnings, which exceed ASTM-F963-11 requirements for a Science Kit, retail stores which carry Zen Magnets products have the following requirements:
-Customer must be 18+ to purchase magnets. Location must have an age floor of 18+ or 21+, or age must be otherwise verified by Government ID.
-All stores must verbally remind customers to keep magnets away from mouths.

Zen Magnets’ new Voluntary Standard makes retail sale of magnet spheres more strict than tobacco products, despite magnets being 100% safe if not misused. Despite the CPSC’s attempt to ban magnets, the CPSC staff age grade determination is 9+ for magnet sets (2). And a PPP poll shows the majority of registered voters in the US believe the magnets should be available to ages 8+. which is the age at which a child is expected to be able to read and follow warnings (3).

As of right now, Zen Magnets are hosted in 8 stores around Colorado. Two cannabis dispensaries which are 21+, five vape/pipe shops which are 18+, and one science store which checks all IDs before purchase.